Treat Recipe

Meatloaf Dog-Treats: (very easy; healthful; Kathy’s favorite)

      1 lb ground turkey or beef, high-fat (15-20%), liquid squeezed out

Don’t use lean meat; the treats will be too crumbly.

      1 cup bread crumbs

A friend replaces bread crumbs with oatmeal for her wheat-sensitive dog.

I’ve used a beaten raw egg, instead of bread crumbs, for a dog who couldn’t tolerate grains.

      2 tablespoons grated parmesan cheese

      ½ teaspoon garlic (optional)

Mix together the dry ingredients, then use your hands to mix in the ground meat thoroughly.

Roll into three logs about 8” long, 1-1.5” in diameter. Bake on cookie sheet at 325 degrees for ~45 minutes. Cool. Cut into small cubes. Refrigerate. (Also, you can freeze whole logs.)

I microwave the cubes, spread out on a paper towel, on medium power (~40%) for ~4 minutes to dry them out. The mostly-dehydrated treats are safe to leave in my bait bag – out of the fridge – for several hours while training.