In-person Consultations

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKathy offers private behavior consultations for families seeking help with their dogs. Common concerns addressed in consultations include aggression toward family members, strangers or other dogs; separation anxiety; fears and phobias; housetraining; destruction; and barking.

Initial consultations typically take place at Logan Ridge Training Center in Gig Harbor Washington. Occasionally Kathy will suggest meeting in the client’s home instead (if within ~15 miles of North Tacoma). For new clients, Kathy books an initial assessment & planning session. This is a two-hour appointment on a Tuesday. The fee is $295. A pre-paid, non-refundable deposit of $50 is required to reserve this initial appointment; this can be paid by credit card over the phone or via PayPal.
Follow-up lessons, if desired, are available at $130 per hour. These may take place at Logan Ridge, at the client’s home, or at a public location. (Kathy will charge a travel fee if the commute is more than 15 miles each way.)

corralDuring the initial consultation, Kathy will ask many questions about your dog’s daily routine and behavioral history. She will observe your dog’s behavior and his/her interactions with family members. In some cases, clients may want to provide video of their dog’s problem behaviors; Kathy welcomes this and will review the videos as part of the assessment process. Then, with input from the family, Kathy will create a behavior modification plan for the dog and describe its implementation. On rare occasions, behavior modification will be deemed impractical or too risky. In those cases, other options (i.e., strict management; rehoming; euthanasia) will be discussed.

Kathy typically books these initial consultation appointments 3-4 weeks in advance.