Here are some of Kathy Sdao’s articles on training various animals, from walruses to dogs to primates, and some articles about Kathy. Enjoy!

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Training Philosophies & General Advice

Organic Training

Forget About Being Alpha

Five Tips for Avoiding a Behaviorist

• Learning to See

• Good Manners for Dogs & People at Off-Leash Parks

How to Find a Great Dog Daycare

Are you Clicker Training or Training with a Clicker?

Get a Handle on your Training

What Not To Pair

Healing the World, One Job at a Time

Position Statement on Use of Shock Collars

Teaching Your Dog to Come When Called

The First Steps to Teaching a Reliable Recall

More on the Reliable Recall

Solving behavior problems

• Leash Aggression in Dogs

• Stir Crazy (about Kathy’s dog, Nick)

• Husbandry How-Tos

• Husbandry-Training Classes for Dog Owners

• When Good Walruses Go Bad

• Preventing Door-Dashing

Interviews with & articles about Kathy Sdao

• Bad Dog Agility interview: Part 1 & Part 2

• KUOW radio interview 1/30/07, Observing Animal Behavior

KUOW radio interview 4/6/07, Is There a Right Way to Train Your Pet?

• Half-hour interview conducted at the APDT conference in Portland 2007

• Seattle Times Article, 101 Dog Tricks

• Seattle Times Article, “Experts with bowwow know-how answer canine queries.” Kathy Sdao & Dr. James Ha answer several common dog-behavior questions

•Seattle Times Article, “Dumbfounded by your dog?” Kathy Sdao & Dr. James Ha answer several common dog-behavior questions